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Vision Wisdom is the largest business center in Kaohsiung. Offices, Coworking, Meeting Rooms, Virtual Offices in 3 different Districts & 7+ Executive Centers around Kaohsiung. Our Virtual Office plans enable businesses to scale as rapidly as today’s evolving future of work. Whether you are setting up a new business, entering a new market, working from home or remotely, we have a range of products that will suit your needs.

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    工商設立登記 Step by Step

    Step1. 確認要設立的是公司或是行號

    Step2. 誰是負責人

    Step3. 營業項目是什麼

    Step4. 刻公司章及負責人章(大小章)

    Step5. 決定資本額開籌備戶,存入資本額

    Step6. 資本額簽證(行號不需要,跳至 next step)

    Step7. 準備設立登記資料

    Step8. 送縣市政府申請設立登記

    Step9. 送國稅局申請稅籍登記


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